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the Nitty & the Gritty

By-Laws and Meeting Minutes are not always the most enthralling reading, but they are certainly a way to get to know more about an organization. Download and read to your heart's content from the assortment below.


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Board Minutes

Although they may occur more often, quarterly Board meetings are required. 

For 2023, we're meeting every other month, alternating

between east and west sides of the county.

Everyone is welcome to attend our Board meetings. 

Find the next meeting date and location on the Mark Your Calendar page.

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Annual Meeting Minutes

Our annual meeting has traditionally been held in on a January evening. 
For 2024, we're experimenting with moving to a spring, daytime meeting

with a more family friendly, bring the kids & grandkids focus--and so that

none of us have to drive home on an icy winter night.
Watch your email and our calendar page for more information once the date is set.

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Chapter By-Laws

This is the latest iteration of our By-Laws, approved in January 2017.

A by-law review is currently underway; updates will be presented to our membership

and offered for a vote atour 2024 Annual Meeting.

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