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There are so many things that impact our woodlands and how we can best care for them. Thankfully, we are not alone in navigating the labyrinth of climate impacts, management strategies, cost share opportunities, and rules & regulations. Whether you prefer newsletters, press releases or podcasts, you can find a starting point among the options below.

Broken Trunk
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the Quarterly Bark

The Quarterly Bark is a joint newsletter for the Benton, Lane, Linn & Lincoln county OSWA chapters.  Click below to check out the most current issue.


For the latest information about new publications, conferences, workshops offered across OFRI's educational programs, and other updates regarding forestry in Oregon, subscribe to eNews, our monthly email newsletter.

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Extension Newsletters

Extension Newsletters are a great way to keep up on current topics related to our woodlands, as well as upcoming workshop opportunities. ​

Find out more, peruse back issues, subscribe:

 Lane County Foresty News 
Douglas County Forestry News

Woodland Notes (Clackamas, Marion & Hood River Counties)

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In the Woods Podcast

Like to listen rather than read? If podcasts are your thing, check out In the Woods, a monthly podcast series hosted by OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension. Our own Lane County Extension Forester, Lauren Grand, is one of the hosts!​ Recent episodes have included​: Small Woodland Management, Stream Restoration, Mass Timber, and the Emerald Ash Borer.

Check it out!

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E-mail Updates

Like your news short and sweet? Sometimes a quick update is all we have energy for, at the end of a long day in the woods. Here are a couple of great update options:​

OWSA Updates: a great benefit of OSWA membership are the periodic e-mail updates, from chapter events around the state to legislative happenings in Salem​.
ODF Updates: from Board of Forestry meetings to updates to Forestry Plan for Oregon and more, sign up for e-mail updates that match your interes

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